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3D Printing and Design

The 3D Way is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Print Service Company providing 3D Printing and Design. We work with individuals and companies to bring dream’s and concepts to creation.

3D Printing Solution

If you have a need, The 3D Way can help offer a solution, from rapid prototyping, concept development and research, engineering designs, part replacement, medical devices and more.

The 3D Way offers cost and time saving benefits by quickly producing a prototype or industrial grade part, or product to customer’s high standards and satisfaction.


The Process – How it works

With technology moving faster than the Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise. The world of Computer-aided Design and 3D Printing is moving just as fast.

With almost every industry being effected including, medical industry, space industry, automotive industry, engineering, research and development, prototyping, fashion, the list is endless.

With the numerous benefits over traditional manufacturing processes. The use of CAD design and 3D print can save numerous design hours and significantly reduce development, prototype and fabrication costs.

3D Print and Design Almost Anything

Using the latest in CAD technology and 3D Printing processes and scanner’s, we can design, produce, modify, or replace existing, hard to get, discontinued or obsolete parts and equipment. Or have a new invention, idea or prototype brought to life.

Can’t find it, fix it or buy it? We can help!

Good piece of equipment or appliance sitting idle because of a Broken Part? You can’t buy a new part, can’t fix the old part, and you can’t find a replacement, and if you can, it can take weeks or months to get it.

We can help you solve that problem. With over 30 years as a licenced tradesman with hands on experience in the repair, manufacture and fabrication industry’s and an authorized Solidworks CAD user we can create a virtual digital design file using your concept ,idea, drawing or existing part, we can deliver a 3D printed, in hands, high quality prototype part to your design specifications.

Plastic, Wood and Metal Printing

Using a wide variety of 3D Printing processes, your finished product can be produced using a multitude of material, color and finish options, from PLA, ABS, Nylon, High Temperature PLA. Materials can now be used with wood, cork, bamboo, brick, bronze and copper mixed in for different texture’s feel color and strength as well as conductive, flexibility or a glow in the dark effect, plus many more options to achieve your desired end result.

Almost anything is possible in 3D

  • Medical Equipment
  • Training and educational devices
  • Musical Instruments
  • Hard to find, obsolete, discontinued Parts.
  • Prosthetics
  • Movie and Stage props
  • Industrial and Electrical parts and components
  • Sports equipment and accessories
  • Fashion